A very Good friend of mine is going to Puerto Rico, on Thursday...I felt That a warning was in order, LOL.

El Chupacabra
Tales Of A Goat Sucker

For many years, the Mexican legend of the Chupacabras, a Spanish word for "goat sucker," was thought only to be folklore. Who would actually believe that a large four-foot tall creature, possibly from another world, would hunt livestock just to drink their blood? The myth of the Chupacabras seemed absurd.
However, in December of 1994, on the island of Puerto Rico, the age-old fable of the Chupacabras became a reality. Animals were found dead and mutilated. Villagers discovered cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, and ducks, with their corpses drained of blood. Punctures marks ¼" to ½" in diameter were dug into the tissue of the animal's head, piercing their brains. Soon afterward, similar attacks were reported throughout South America and Mexico.
Along with the increasing animal mutilations, sightings of the actual creatures themselves were reported. Many eyewitnesses claimed that they saw what looked like a "Grey" alien, a being from another world, with a short body, bulbous head, and large thick black eyes. Observers, of the monster, described it as standing on hind legs, and having "spines," down its back. Others noted wings on the beast, and reported it flying through the night time sky.
For many months, reports of sightings of the dreaded Chupacabras grew and it's territory expanded deeper into Mexico, and even into the United States.
For example, in the Miami neighborhood of Sweetwater, the creature attacked 69 farm animals.
Across the country, in Arizona, a May 12 headline in the Arizona Daily Star read "Goat sucker fears cause nationwide panic." Three weeks later, a similar headline in the Tucson Weekly reported "Hellmonkeys, Chupacabras Comes to the Sonoran Desert."
In California, a large flying bat-like creature was spotted in Poway, a small town north of San Diego. To this date, the sightings continue to spread further into America, with reports now coming from Washington State.
As a result of the Chupacabra's apparent migration, more and more attention has been given to the animal. So much, in fact, that tee shirts in the beast's image have been produced and fake "Chupa" footprints are being sold. On the internet, web pages have been produced to provide information, and in the media, countless articles and reports continue to be written about it's existence. Chupa madness has expanded to the point that, in late 1996, a festival in Zapata Texas was held in the creature's honor
But the fame of the Chupacabras doesn't stop there. In early 1997, the television show " The X-Files," featured an episode concerning the nocturnal brute. On talk radio, the weekly Art Bell show "Dreamland," has had numerous guests, including UFOlogist Linda Molten Howe, updating the public on the growing situation in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Bell has, on occasion, even played a song dedicated to the Goat sucker.
And so it goes on. The attacks grow, sightings are expanding in numbers and the monster continues to spread it's claw prints throughout North and South America. With all of this excitement, the fever surrounding the creature has yet to reach it's peak and the legend of the Chupacabra grows.

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