Grieving and Death Of Pet

The death of a pet means the loss of a non-judgmental love source.
There is no longer anything for the pet owner to nurture and care for. These feelings can be particularly intense for the elderly, single people and childless couples,( their pet was likely a child substitute).

Psychologists recognize that the grief suffered by pet owners after their pet dies is the same as that experienced after the death of a person.
Grief is the normal response to any important loss in life. Regardless of whether the death of a pet followed a prolonged illness, or a sudden accident.
Grieving people experience both physical and emotional traumas as they try to adapt to the change in their lives.

Grief is probably the most confusing, frustrating and emotional thing that a person can experience. It is even more so for pet owners. Society in general does not allow pet owners to openly grieve over the death of a pet . These grieving pet owners often feel isolated and alone.
More resources are becoming available to help the bereaved pet owner realize that they are NOT alone and that what they are feeling is entirely normal.

Read these touching poems written by someone who has been touched by the death of a loved pet.

Recognizing Pet Grieving

What many people find hard to believe is that animals can form very firm attachments with each other.
Even pets that seem to barely get along will exhibit intense stress reactions when separated.
In fact, grieving pets can show many symptoms identical to those experienced by the bereaved pet owner.
The surviving pet(s) may become

There may also be much sighing, along with sleep and eating disturbances
Often, grieving pets will search for their dead companions and crave more attention from their owners

How Can We Help?

How can an owner help the grieving pet?

By following these recommendations:
Keep the surviving pet(s) routines as normal as possible
Try not to unintentionally reinforce the behavior changes
If the pet's appetite is picky, don't keep changing the food... all that does is create a more finicky pet
Don't overdo the attention given to the pet(s) as it can lead to separation anxiety
Allow the surviving animals to work out the new dominance hierarchy themselves. There may be scuffles and fights as the animals work out the new pecking order (dogs mostly)
Don't get a new pet to help the grieving pet(s) unless the owner is ready. This will backfire unless the owner is emotionally ready for a new pet, and people still grieving won't have the energy for it


Every Time It Snows

For Coalo , he loved the snow.

Coal, Love you forever..

A week ago,

my beloved teacup poodle Coal , escaped through the fence in our yard.

he was apparently chasing a squirrel, big fun and going super fast, I could not catch him and he disappeared from sight.The search ensued and was unsuccessful for days we looked , put up posters and asked everyone we saw.

Nov 13th my husband recieved a call from the neighbor, Coal had been found, my poor baby was dead, we think he had an epileptic attack brought on from the excitement of the squirrel chase, it was quick, his eyes were still open, and he was in classic "fit" posistion...

My heart is broken , my little Mr.Poo,I'm crying still, I see him everywhere , he was my shadow. He was 9, we had him for 8 years..this is so hard and hurts so much, they are so much more than 'Pets" .

To me they are fur kids, and the unconditional love in their eyes is the ultimate treasure. I'm rambling, i don't care...

The joy of this season is gone for me. I have to try and seem normal for my children ,

but my heart is broken.


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