Bad News Bears (2005)

Morris Buttermaker, a former pro baseball player, was ejected from the game for attacking an umpire and now works as an exterminator. More interested in boozing and broads than baseball, Buttermaker is lured back into the game by Liz Whitewood, an attorney whose class action suit has forced the Little League to accept all players, regardless of their abilities. As the new coach of the Bears, the most losing team in Little League history, Buttermaker has his work cut out for him. Initially, he's only in it for the paycheck, but he and his inept players have a transformative effect on one another that is wholly unexpected, and completely remarkable.
Genres: Comedy
Running Time: 111 min.
Release Date: July 22nd, 2005 (wide).
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for rude behavior, language throughout, some sexuality and thematic elements.
Distributor: Paramount Pictures

My God this makes me feel old I remember when this came out the .......first time , in ***1976***. I even tried to play baseball, and I totally sucked at it, my sister did too. OK , get this she is at home plate trying to hit the GD'ed ball and swings the bat, misses the ball, flings the bat nearly braining me and several others in the process, this was after several weeks of practise, we stunk bad....so much for my career in Baseball...

This is the movie I remember...

The Bad News Bears (1976)

One of director Michael Ritchie's most universally recognized comedies, THE BAD NEWS BEARS is a film that continues to entertain audiences of all ages. The story concerns a hopeless Little League team that eventually scores big when it acquires a new coach, Morris Buttermaker (Walter Matthau), a grouchy, beer-guzzling pool cleaner who takes the position for some extra cash. When he realizes that his players are a bunch of talentless misfits, he signs up two secret weapons: Amanda Whurlitzer (Tatum O’Neal), the daughter of an ex-girlfriend who also happens to be an awesome pitcher, and Kelly Leak (Jackie Earle Haley), a motorcycle-riding punk who is inarguably the best player in the area. With their new lineup in place, the Bears breeze their way into the championship game, in which they must battle their rivals, the Yankees, in order to exact revenge and win the title.

Matthau's Buttermaker is a gem of a character, tossing off cynical one-liners with a vehemence that is truly hysterical. Ritchie strikes further gold with his youthful cast, who all embody their characters with a comic realism that is both heartwarming and humorous, making THE BAD NEWS BEARS one of the finest sports comedies ever made.
Genres: Comedy

MPAA Rating: PG

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