Dog Enjoys Diet of Cheeseburgers, Shakes

FARMLAND, Ind. - One of the best customers at The Chocolate Moose restaurant has never even been inside the door. Missy Jo, a 60-pound bulldog mix, comes with owner Tony Mills, 51, to the restaurant for a daily treat of plain cheeseburgers and vanilla milkshakes on the patio.

The tradition started seven years ago, when Mills was mowing his father's lawn and noticed a barking dog next door in the town 15 miles east of Muncie. Mills took a break and walked down to the restaurant, ordered the dog a cheeseburger and fed her over the fence. The barking stopped.

Eventually Mills became acquainted with the dog's owners, and for three years every time he mowed his father's lawn or went over to visit, he took a cheeseburger along for Missy Jo. In 2001 the dog's owners moved and couldn't take the dog to their new home, so Mills asked if he could have her and the owners agreed.

Although the dog may like the special treats, the Mills' veterinarian doesn't approve.

"He doesn't think it's the best idea in the world," he said. "But she (Missy Jo) acts just like she's fine."


I thought this was funny because the other day at lunch , I gave Bup a cheese burger and Bup being Bup got distracted and he went outside to say hi to the mail man, in the backyard from over the fence. I was in the kitchen feeding the baby. Bup had been eating in the living room at a small table, well in the 3 mins he was gone , Coal>the fierce and terrible tea cup poodle helped himself to a cheeseburger, Bup was not amused and was not happy to make do with a PB&J....

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