Earthquake Rattles Parts of Montana

HELENA, Mont. - An earthquake measuring a magnitude 5.6 struck southwestern Montana on Monday night, rattling windows, nerves and buildings, but there were no immediate reports of any serious damage or injuries.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake was centered about 13 miles northwest of Dillon, but residents across a wide swath of Montana, Idaho and Washington reported feeling the temblor at about 10:10 p.m.

Reports came in from as far away as Great Falls, more than 200 miles to the north, and Billings, 250 miles to the east. Some residents reported two distinct tremors, several seconds apart, lasting about eight to 10 seconds in all.

In Dillon, Beaverhead County Commissioner Mike McGinley said there were scattered reports of broken glass and other minor damage around town, but nothing significant.

"We've got fire and ambulance personnel standing by" just in case, he said Monday night.

The USGS categorized the earthquake as "moderate." Initial reports said it occurred about 25 miles underground, but the USGS later said the quake was at a much more shallow depth — only about 3 miles below the surface.

Bud Revious, the deputy response coordinator for the state Disaster and Emergency Services office in Helena, said officials there were busy monitoring the state's scattered wildfires when the office shook.

"We thought maybe we were having one of those microbursts like we had a couple weeks ago, but we looked around and there was no wind," he said.


I really didn't notice anything, but then again , a big truck goes by the house and it shakes so, more shaking I would not even register it...G-man didn't notice anything either...

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