A few words from Bianca....

First Picture I dyslexic should say Dog Bless America...Next two sign thingies...I ALWAYS ON GUARD..Terrorist I BITE You! ..Until no moving anymore...And Last Picture...Me as Baby I so Cute....I Picked My People , it easy, Man come and look in cage, He say to Lady look at this little one, He open cage and pick me up ,I like him ,is ok...Man hand me gently to Lady, She look at me holding me, I look in her eyes, and give kiss on nose in greeting to her, she sigh and say " Well that s it then we have to get this one." Man goes "Why?" Lady say" She kissed me..". They Take me too my new home , to Meet Coal, and Baby Bup he was Baby then, no Xaby yet he come later, and is my special puppy...They My Family I love and protect them, so I say again to terrorist I BITE YOU!!!Stay away!!!

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