Ironic, Yes? No? Maybe so?

My Poor Son, My First Born, Inheritor of my defective dental genetics.
This morning , like any morning, He was Brushing his teeth after breakfast and came tromping down the hall, "Mom,Mom" " "My Tooth Fell out"..
"OK I say come here let me see" he is almost 5 and the doctor said he could start loosing teeth after 5 so It could happen...
Anyway I look in his toothpaste smeared little mouth, and see.... ***insert dun dun dunnnnnnn music here***
he has lost the filling on his front tooth Again!!!!
This is the Second Filling gone, which means another trip to the dentist for a tooth that will be falling out with in 2 years give or take six months..???
This was this morning, this afternoon , when the mail came I thought it rather odd and highly suspicious that there was a post card from His dentist reminding us it was time for a check up and cleaning...
Makes you wonder, and it really is going to hurt the bank account again....:sigh...

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