She is doing great ,fitting in and gaining some weight poor little thing, she was all skin and bones.
a very sweet dog, crazy, but thats fine , she fits in with us.

Prish and Bianca like her and have accepted her.
For me this is the only good thing to come of Coal's untimely death,
the chance to save and give this little dog a new start with people that love and care for her.

I still miss Coal....everyday....sigh.

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I am so getting this stuff.....:)


ViViee as Bup says....

We after alot of thought , have decided to rescue a dog,

a female american eskimo 3 yrs old that was in slavery as a breeder dog in a puppy mill,

she is terrified of people and very timid.

I want to help her and give her a good home.

Plus heal her mental trama and give her back her life.

her name is Viviane.

She will arrive Friday Morning.

The girl's name Vivian \v(i)-vian\, also used as boy's name Vivian, is pronounced VIV-ee-en. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "lively". An ancient personal name; a saint's name. The name has been common only since the 19th century. In Malory's "Morte d'Arthur", Vivien was the Lady of the Lake and also the enchantress of Merlin. Though not linguistically related, Vivian has been used as an English version of the Irish Gaelic name Bebhinn. See also Vianna. Actresses Vivien Leigh, Vivian Vance.
Vivian has 25 variant forms: Bibi, Bibiana, Bibiane, Bibianna, Bibianne, Bibyana, Vevay, Vi, Vibiana, Viv, Vivee, Vivi, Vivia, Viviana, Viviane, Vivianna, Vivianne, Vivien, Vivienne, Vivyan, Vivyana, Vivyanne, Vyvyan, Vyvyana and Vyvyanne.

Cute Animal Christmas Song

cute british animals with a good message


Homeless dog tries to save dog hit by car in Chile - Yahoo! News

Ok, I'm crying again
Good dog....wiping eyes..very good dog.


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