Amish Teen Charged With Stealing Numbers

:::I have removed the photo even though my hubby comes from PA(and has many pic of the land and people) and lived near the Amish, someone is pissing me off with their comments, and won't leave a real name or link... -Blue

HUNTSBURG, Ohio - Callers complaining about loud music coming from a buggy led deputies to charge a 19-year-old Amish man with stealing house numbers and flower pots. David Byler was charged with theft and underage consumption of alcohol, both misdemeanors.

Callers to the Geauga County sheriff's office told dispatchers early Sunday about a buggy playing loud music and stealing items from outside houses in a rural area of northeast Ohio.

"When our officer caught up with him in the middle of the road, there were flower pots and house numbers in the buggy," sheriff's spokesman John Hiscox said.


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