'Sims' Guru Will Wright Unveils 'Spore' to Rapt Audience


cool , gonna get it,,totally dude!

Gambling Banned in Second Life Virtual World - Technology News | News On Technology

now no more virtual gambling ,
with virtual money ,
bought with real money.
..that sucks

:::not impressed:::


Unexplained Mysteries :: Legend of the mermaid

Something to read...

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 60th Birthday Celebrated in His Austrian Birthplace of Thal Bei Graz

Very Cool , yummy food, and of course

Haappppi Birthdaaaay zu Ihnen!

Haappppi Birthdaaaay zu Ihnen!

Haappppi Birthdaaaay, Lieber Arrrrrrrrrrnnnooold!

Haappppi Birthdaaaay zu Ihnen!

**sung in Austrian accent, while holding a stein ,
high in one hand , the other balancing a plate of schnitzel, and strudel:)

Ja ,dis ist gut.


oldy but a goody

Presidential Bird

Hillary Clinton went into a pet shop and found a beautiful parrot. "Does this parrot talk?" she asked. "Yes, he does," the manager told her. "But why is this one only $50 and all the others are $500?" "Well, ma'am," the manager explained, "not everyone would want to own this parrot since he spent years in a whore house and his language is somewhat foul."

"Well, I want him," she said.

"Suit yourself," the manager shrugged. When Hillary got the parrot back to the White House, she uncovered his cage and admired the bird. The parrot tilted his head to one side, looked her straight in the eye and said, "New house, new madam."

Hillary laughed.

Soon, Chelsea and a friend came in and began admiring the bird. "New house, new whores," the parrot observed.

Hillary explained the bird's history to Chelsea and her friend, so they too, laughed.

Later, the President entered the living quarters. The parrot took one look at him and said, "Hi, Bill!"

You Should Wear Black Lipstick

Confident, dramatic, and unexpected.

Your look: Gothic beauty

Your signature lip gloss flavor: Ginger



Crocs: Healthy Shoes or Just Comfy?

Do those eye-catching shoes have a place in good foot care?

Doctors and consumers share their views.

By Heather Hatfield WebMD Feature
Reviewed by Charlotte Grayson Mathis, MD

Crocs -- those clog-like shoes in bright colors -- are an up-and-coming trend on the feet of Americans. The shoe might not match everyone's idea of fashion, but fans swear by its comfort. And Croc lovers say they bring health benefits to the two extremities that carry us all the places we go.
Are Crocs really good for our feet? Or is this footwear phenom just a passing fad? WebMD got some feedback from doctors, consumers, and the shoe's creators.
A History of the Croc
Born in 2002, the shoe was initially intended as footwear for boating, with its nonslip tread and waterproof tendencies.
"The product was originally produced in Canada in clog-form," says co-founder Lyndon V. Hanson, III, vice president of Crocs. "We added a strap for utility, and gave it some flair."
Crocs are certified by the U.S. Ergonomics Council and the American Podiatric Medical Association. Hanson says that what Crocs lack in aesthetic value, they make up in therapeutic benefits. The company created what it calls an Rx line of models specifically with healthy feet in mind: Croc Relief, Croc Cloud, and Croc Silver Cloud.
"These shoes were designed specifically to eliminate plantar pain and achy feet," says Hanson. "They also help people with injured feet, bunionsbunions, and diabetesdiabetes. You've got a lot of inner support, heel cups and massaging heel nubs, and arch support. They're ideal for people with foot problems."
Crocs in the Clinic
Some doctors are even recommending them to patients with foot problems.
"These shoes are especially light," says Harold Glickman, DPM, former president of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). "They have huge room in the toe that affords the front part of the foot lots of room, especially for people with bone deformities like bunions and hammer toe. With the Rx Crocs, they're lined with antibacterial material that will prevent fungal and bacterial infections."
For people with diabetes, Crocs offer added value in the protection they provide. Because people with diabetes have reduced circulation in their feet, Glickman says, they're at higher risk for open sores and wound infection. The spare room and antibacterial properties of Crocs help combat these problems.
"I do not have stock in the company or work for the company, but I recommend them to patients all the time, and I wear them all the time," Glickman tells WebMD. "I wear them when I'm operating for three or four hours at a time and I get the sense I'm standing on water -- no leg pain, no back painback pain, and no arch pain."
When the temperature starts to rise and flip-flops abound, Glickman also recommends trying Crocs instead.
"Crocs offer more protection for your feet than flip-flops," says Glickman. "Flip-flops don't provide a lot of arch support; they're open-toed so you can stub your toe and hurt yourself. Crocs offer more protection and comfort than that."
Professional Skepticism
Crocs have the official seal of approval from the APMA, meaning the shoes have been found to be beneficial in promoting good foot and ankle care. But not all doctors have signed on to the medical value of the shoes.
"They are very light weight and are good for people who have trouble walking," says Bob Baravarian, MD, chief of foot and ankle surgery at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center. "They are very stable, they don't bend and twist side to side much, and they have a good heel cup and arch contour compared to other shoes."
Baravarian says Crocs have more positive attributes than negative, but they're no substitute for the real deal.
"Because the shoe is considered medical, it gets overused by people who need more support than they can get from the shoe," Baravarian tells WebMD. "It's not as good as an orthotic or a medical type shoe; it's made out to be better than it is."
And it's not made for marathon wear either, adds Baravarian.
"It's a good shoe for going to the beach, kicking around the house, going to the corner market, but they're not made to be worn at Disneyland all day long," says Baravarian.
Some doctors haven't crossed paths yet with Croc fans.
"Boy, I have never heard of the shoes, and haven't had patients who tried them -- that I know of," says Richard Deyo, MD, a professor of medicine and health services at the University of Washington in Seattle. "I guess I'm out of touch with the popular culture!"
And until a clinical trial published in medical journal says so, he probably won't be recommending them to patients.
"I'm a professional skeptic, and that applies here as well," says Deyo. "Unless they have some persuasive randomized trials, I'd regard the therapeutic claims as theoretical."
What Crocs Fans Say
People who wear Crocs are die-hard fans, and stand by -- and in -- the shoes all day long.
"I saw them in a store, and I tried them on, and ended up with a pair that are light pink," says Jamie Jessick, a registered nurse at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center. "I like that they're really light and comfortable."
For Jessick, who is on her feet for hours at a time, a comfortable pair of shoes is a must-have.
"They're so comfortable that it's like wearing slippers at work," says Jessick, who is part of a small minority that actually finds the shoes attractive.
"I thought they were cute, that's why I bought them, but turns out they're also comfortable," Jessick tells WebMD, adding that her colleagues are catching on, too. "A couple of nurses have tried them on and seem interested in them."
While it seems the jury is still out on these shoes, Crocs have been spotted almost everywhere, from hospitals to hockey rinks, beaches, boats, and even Hollywood.

WebMD Feature
Published Aug. 14, 2006.

SOURCES: Bob Baravarian, MD, chief of foot and ankle surgery, Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center; director, Foot and Ankle Institute, Santa Monica, Calif. Richard A. Deyo, MD, MPH, professor of medicine and health services, University of Washington Harborview Medical Center, Seattle. Harold Glickman, DPM, former president, American Podiatric Medical Association, Bethesda, Md. Lyndon V. Hanson, III, vice president, Crocs, Boulder, Colo. Jamie Jessick, RN, Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, California.
© 2006 WebMD, Inc. All rights reserved.

Ok this might be cool , If only for Nimoy:)

Dual Spocks for Abrams' Star Trek
By Natalie Finn Yesterday at 3:35 pm

Four Vulcan ears are always better than two.

J.J. Abrams, creator of Lost and Alias and the auteur who will be reviving the Star Trek franchise next year, said Thursday that his take on the sci-fi classic will feature dual Mr. Spocks, the younger of the two to be played by Heroes villain Zachary Quinto, as reported earlier this week by E! Online's TV blog.

And serving as young Spock's older and wiser incarnation will be none other than Leonard Nimoy, who was on hand when the good news was announced during Paramount Pictures' panel at Comic-Con, aka fanboy heaven, in San Diego.

"People have been asking me why I'm doing this movie, and I think the answer is obvious—we have a great director, a wonderful script, and a wonderful young actor playing Spock, so…it was logical," said the 76-year-old Nimoy, to everybody's proudly dorky delight.

Per the closely guarded script penned by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, Quinto will star as Spock in his pre-Wrath of Khan days. Nimoy, meanwhile, will have a meaty cameo.

When asked how much of his take on the half-Vulcan Enterprise veteran will be inspired by Nimoy, Quinto, was last seen opening skulls and getting skewered as the power-hungry Sylar on Heroes, said: "Well, as much as he'd like it to be, since he's working on the film, which is an honor."

But, "I certainly intend to bring my own spin to it, and working with these guys, I'm sure I'll find it," he added.

Abrams' addition to the canon, which is slated for a Christmas Day 2008 release, couldn't be coming at a better time, at least for Trekkers, considering there hasn't been a new addition to the cinematic series in more than five years, and because, for the first time in what seems like forever, there is no first-run Star Trek spinoff series on the air right now.

While the last cinematic permutation of the series was 2002's Star Trek: Nemesis, Nimoy hasn't played big-screen Spock since 1991's Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Shooting on the new film—which, taking a cue from Casino Royale and Batman Begins, will bring us back to where it all began for Spock and pal James T. Kirk—is expected to kick off in November.

Abrams, who promised that he'd return to Comic-Con next year with more scoop, said that the role of young Kirk has not yet been cast and that they're trying to find a way to get William Shatner involved.

And…Star Trek isn't the only long-dormant franchise that's injecting some old blood and playing host to a familiar face


LA Ink :: Casting Call :: TLC

LA Ink :: Casting Call :: TLC

Kat's new show...
go be on it:)

Wish I could get some work done by her.

Oscar the cat predicts patients' deaths

sorry people I sort a have a death theme
going on here...it's on my mind.


Words from General Patton, by way of G-man..


Trixie, is over the rainbow bridge now:(

I Just opened the monthly newsletter from Dean Koontz ,a fav writer and I always look forward to Trixie and what she has to say.

Trixie has been a featured Dog on my blog, cause she is awsome,

I found this instead.

Well she has joined Sam, on the other side after a long battle with Cancer.

I am truely touched and will always remember her>tears for her....

Bliss to her Forever....

Trixie Koontz

5 October 1995 — 30 June 2007

Beauty without vanity. Strength without insolence. Courage without ferocity.

Our beloved dog, Trixie, in the grip of an aggressive cancer and facing an imminent--and painful--bursting of a tumor in her heart, was gently put to sleep by her vet on Saturday 30 June, while she lay on her favorite outdoor couch, on the patio, where she had so often enjoyed watching the rose gardens and the sea while being petted. She loved to have her face held firmly in cupped hands, thumbs stroking her cheeks, and sometimes she would want me to do this for half an hour at a time. So while Gerda cradled Trixie's body and told her she was an angel, I held her face in my hands and looked into her beautiful eyes. I told her she was the sweetest dog in the world and that her mom and I were so proud of her. I told her we loved her as desperately as anyone might love his own child, and she fell asleep not forever but just as long as it took her spirit to awake in the better place where she belongs. That Saturday was the hardest day of our lives. The pain is more intense than any we have known before. The house seems empty without her, and we feel lost. She changed our lives and made us better people than we otherwise would have been. She was a magical creature, and I will write a book about her, God willing. We will work with Canine Companions for Independence and other organizations to make good things happen in Trixie's name. She will continue to be a part of this web site because, after all, she is immortal, and when she contributes articles from now on, each will be labeled totos, which stands for "Trixie on the Other Side." My friend Wesley Smith told me, "The pain is so intense because the joy was so intense."

This is true, and it provides some comfort, but nevertheless the pain is so intense.
— Dean Koontz

P.S. -- A number of friends and fans have asked how they might best honor Trixie's memory in a charitable manner. Trixie was a former service dog for the wheelchair bound, trained at Canine Companions for Independence. She retired at three with an elbow problem, and came to live with the Koontz family. She has donated all author royalties from her past books to this wonderful organization that originally raised and trained her. Click here to learn how you can make a donation to CCI in Trixie's memory.

Read Trixie Koontz's holiday book CHRISTMAS IS GOOD.

Plus you can still enjoy Trixie's first book

LIFE IS GOOD! LESSONS IN JOYFUL LIVING. All author proceeds from Trixie's books support Canine Companions for Independence, the national organization that breeds and trains service dogs for adults and children with disabilities. Click here to learn more about the organization.

Click here 56K (modem) T1 (hi speed) to view the video of Dean Koontz with Trixie Koontz, dog, essayist and literary critic.

For further adventures of Trixie Koontz, Dog, please read:

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April Fool's from Trixie!


Televangelist Tammy Fay Bakker Messner dies -

what ever will the Mascara industry do now??
Poor Lady, had colon cancer,that spread through out her body... not cool.


Blogthings - What's Your Punk Band Name?

Your Punk Band Name Is...

The Blah Cheese

Blogthings - What's Your Signature Makeup Look?

Your Makeup Look Is

Dramatic Eyes with Naked Lips
You rock an edgy, modern look with feminine grace

Didn't need the test to know this:)

Your Friend is Not Fake

You have a true friend - and you're smart enough to know you're lucky to have such a great friendship.
So let your friend know that you really appreciate all she's done for you... and for keeping it real!

Vandals attack man's Hummer, leave note

Un -Frickin- real

ooohhhh if that had been me...somebuddy would be hurtin....

GDed tree hugging liberal pieces of feces...

I want a HummerH3....Black, tinted windows, cool stereo.

It is supposed to be a free country , still....

If the guy can afford a Hummer, and the gas, what is the big deal ?

I think it is jealousy , plain and simple.


Getting to know you...

Had a great talk with one of my new found nephews tonight.

maybe some good will come from this sad time in our lives.


I have an update, My Aunt is not doing well at all ,

her kidney's are shutting down,

on iv's now , pain meds every 4 hours...

I have failed to mention her primary caregiver , until now..

That person is my sister.

We have reconciled and are talking again after a very long time. (10 + years)

My sister is tired and exhausted and still she will carry on, cause it is the right thing to do. I can not be there, and she knows why, I can only offer my support through IM , and on the phone. I have told her I will stay up with her for support. it is about all I can do, I wish I could be there to help with this last gift we Give our Aunt.

My Aunt's son's are due to arrive soon , one tonight at midnight and the other sometime tomorrow...

I hope she can hold out til then.

I honestly don't know if she can...


Carlos Mencia Gear

* Dee to the Three*

I need to gets me suma dat chit.


your sweet 666-HIM *by wissel*


Bluewolfess's Lair

me on Msn...new one for the Canadian family....



OK Serious stuff...for real.

I recieved a phone call tonight from my Uncle,

to let me know that (his Sister)...

My Aunt Connie is close to death,

she has pancreatic cancer, that has spread everywhere...

(I have known this for almost a year)

She is going in to a rapid decline.

It could be anytime now...:(

My Uncle and his wife are with her now ,looking after her.

She has chosen to remain at home, amidst her stuff.

I will update on this as I know.

I'm feeling rather numb right now,

she was a big part of my life for many years.

Aunt/ Mom after my own mother died...

her favourite color is dusty rose sort of greyish pink.

Her favourite china is Old Country Rose>Royal Doulton.

She likes old C&W songs, Patsie Cline etc..

she loves animals, flowers, gardening, scrapbooking, sewing,

Cooking, Canning, Bossing everyone around, Chanel #5,

Her favourite quote:** My Way or the Highway!**

Always looked very fashionable when she would dress up:)

"Hail Mary, Full of Grace,

the Lord is with Thee,

Blessed are Thou, Amongst Women,

And Blessed in the Fruit of thy Womb, Jesus;

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

Pray for us sinners,

Now, and at the hour of our death,


- The Hail Mary Prayer

Funny I'm not catholic ,

but I like their prayers and I find the *Hail Mary * very comforting.

Look at this dog!

strikes me as the Ärnold of Dogdom...

just look at the muscles???unreal!

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

The last statement of Patrick Bryan Knight

:::the Guy who wanted to tell a joke at his execution::

well it's posted, go take a look if you are so inclined...


Paranormal News and Community - The Paranormal Report - Us and Them - Doppelgangers, bilocation and evil twins

Kids at graveyard school face nightmares - Yahoo! News

Cool...hum it might explain something in my own past,
I used to play in graveyards when I was a child.
The house I was born to was beside one,
and we used to go out to *visit*dead relatives( uncles ,aunts, grandparents)
I'd play in the country graveyard.

Thats where my mom is now...
I don't find them scarey though,
sad ,quiet and interesting...reflective, peaceful, *alive*if you know what I mean.

Mr. Tough guy..!


From Quiet Bear

Who is behind this ????


We Must Stop This Immediately !

Have you noticed that stairs are getting steeper .

Groceries are heavier .

And, everything is farther away.

Yesterday I walked to the corner and I was dumbfounded to discover how long our street had become!

And, you know, people are less considerate now, especially the young ones. They speak in whispers all the time!

If you ask them to speak up they just keep repeating themselves, endlessly mouthing the same silent message until they' re red in the face!

What do they think I am, a lip reader?

I also think they are much younger than I was at the same age.

On the other hand, people my own age are so much older than I am.

I ran into an old friend the other day and she has aged so much that she didn't even recognize me.

I got to thinking about the poor dear while I was combing my hair this morning, and in doing so, I glanced at my own reflection . . . Well, REALLY NOW - even mirrors are not made the way they used to be!

Another thing, everyone drives so fast these days! You're risking life and limb if you happen to pull onto the freeway in front of them. All I can say is, their brakes must wear out awfully fast, the way I see them screech and swerve in my rearview mirror.

Clothing manufacturers are less civilized these days. Why else would they suddenly start labeling a size 10 or 12 dress as 18 or 20? Do they think no one notices? !

The people who make bathroom scales are pulling the same prank. Do they think I actually "believe" the number I see on that dial? HA! I would never let myself weigh that much! Just who do these people think they're fooling? !

I'd like to call up someone in authority to report what's going on -- but the telephone company is in on the conspiracy too: they've printed the phone books in such small type that no one could ever find a number in there!

All I can do is pass along this warning:


Unless something drastic happens, pretty soon everyone will have to suffer these awful indignities


PS: I am sending this to you in a larger font size, because something has happened to my computer's fonts - they are smaller than they once were.

And I am here to tell you I hate it. . .


Queen star finishes PhD thesis after 30 years - Yahoo! News

good for him...


Lady Bird Johnson, former first lady, dies - Yahoo! News

a moment of silence please...
She was a First Lady,
Mother and wife.
and she lived not for from here...

ThinkGeek :: Red Shirt


ThinkGeek :: R/C Jousting Knights

ook these are cool,
read the article and check out the wee video.


Dog View_ on the titanic... fiction , but shocking when you think about it.

I’m Frou Frou, a gray Poodle.

My owner is very nice to me.

Sometimes my life is a bore, but not on this hunk of metal.

A few days ago, my owner handed me over to a man who took me down a metal hall and into a cage.

A cage! I never stayed in a cage!

There are many other dogs here in cages, too.

I sometimes get to go up into my master’s room.

A little girl walked me today.

I was absolutely dumbfounded by this large “ship.”

I don’t like water and that is what this ship travels on.

I got to eat my evening meal in my master’s room.

I am now being led down a hall.

I just passed the champion French bulldog,
Gamon de Pycombe, who is stuck up.

I am at my cage.

Don’t leave me here!
I hate the dark!
Please let me out!

Oh, what a day…


From: .Titanic, Sinking of the Unsinkable

Look for life not as we know it, U.S. report urges - Yahoo! News

...doing Mr. Spock eyebrow.....

Brain Circuitry Trouble May Explain Depression - Yahoo! News

Catholic school opens gates to Hell boy - Yahoo! News

cool name....


C O V E N A N T - official web site -

Ok ppl, I know NOT a NEW Band,,,
but I just found them...

we want revolution....

SongMeanings | lyrics | Covenant - We Want Revolution

cool, this song is rockin...

malevole - Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

I got 9/10 :P

Thousands commemorate 1947 UFO 'crash' - Yahoo! News

**The X-Files Theme Music **.....

sorta cool would be fun to check out.


Blogthings - What Style of Womens Jeans Are You?

Blogthings - What Style of Womens Jeans Are You?: "
You Are Boot Cut Jeans

You're fashionable and sexy - in an understated way.
You're more about looking good than following the latest look of the week.

Blogthings - What Does Your Latte Say About You?

What Your Latte Says About You
You are very decadent in all aspects of your life. You never scale back, and you always live large.
You are a very serious person. You don't have time for silly antics.
Intense and energetic, you aren't completely happy unless you are bouncing off the walls.
You're addicted to caffeine. There's no denying it.
You are a child at heart, and you don't ever miss the opportunity to do something playful.
You are dramatic and intense, but you are never moody.


- 'Dracula's Castle' Up for Sale in Transylvania -

cool...a new summer place:)


Seventh Sanctum - Name Generators

this link flown in on Bat wing from the DARK ONE...