Baron's says....THANK YOU!


US Flag Flown in Iraq to Support K-9's Body Armor
A Baghdad K-9 unit is auctioning off a US Flag that will be flown over their Base Camp to help support the cost of purchasing their K-9's Body Armor.

The cost of just one of these vests is $2097.89, not including shipping fees. (This price has been confirmed)
Due to Operational Security they are unable to release details to the public of the actual number of vests they are in need of. Their current goal is to purchase at least one Vest that they can share.

Baron in Baghdad says...."Look at my new duds". Thank you all very much for your donation support that helped raise the funds for Baron's body Armor!
Your donations assisted us to bid on 2 auctions to raise funds for Baron's vest, we are still working towards more vests for the K-9's with Baron.

You can read about this original fundraiser here: FUND RAISER

Thank you to these donors:
Lois & Bob Schneider
Gail Ross
Dian & Greg Chapman
Janet Tagg
Faye Lee
Sarah Klein
Penelope Price
Connie Stanley
Patricia Heggie
Claudia Swanson
Nancy Cox
Christine Smock
Judy Meek
Sandra Miller
Sarah Klein

I found this on a site called Military Mascots, and this was a great story for anyone, these animals love and protect our troops , the least we can do is see they have the protection they need from being caught in Harms way...

I now Have this site listed in the Links, you might want to check it out.

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