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Axis I disorders are evidenced as substance abuse, mood disorders, sexual dysfunction or schizophrenia (Meloy & Gothard, 1995)

Axis II disorders are primarily of the following: narcissism, borderline, paranoid, and dependent personality -- with antisocial personality also possible, but not as common (Meloy & Gothard, 1995). The schizoid personality disorder has been related to erotomania (Akhtar, 1987


The Interstate Anti-Stalking Punishment and Prevention Act of 1996

The Interstate Anti-Stalking Punishment and Prevention Act was enacted by Congress in September of 1996. The law was incorporated as an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill, H.R. 3610. The new law was designed to improve the anti-stalking provisions passed as part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (Crime Bill) and to create a uniform federal law to protect stalking victims when they travel across a state line and/or on federal property, including military bases and Indian reservations. The Act makes it a felony to cross a state line to stalk someone in violation of a restraining order.

According to the National Victim Center, as stated in its national publication the Victim Policy Pipeline:

•Under Section 2261 of the Crime Bill, anyone who crosses state lines with the intent to injure, harass or intimidate that person's spouse or intimate partner, or who, in the course of such travel, intentionally commits a crime of violence and causes bodily injury to the spouse or intimate partner, is in violation of federal law. (National Victim Center. (1996, Spring). Public Policy Pipeline, Vol. Two, No. 1, p. 2. Arlington, VA: Author.)

•Additionally, Section 2262(B) makes it a federal crime for any person to cause his or her spouse or intimate partner to cross a state line by force or coercion, and in the course of or as a result of that, commits an act that injures the spouse or intimate partner in violation of a protective order. (Ibid.)

•Importantly, the new federal anti-stalking law amends these above sections of the Crime Bill in order to expand the measure to include victims stalked by persons other than their spouse or intimate partner. (Ibid.)

•In addition, the anti-stalking law creates a new federal crime of "interstate stalking." According to the National Victim Center, anyone traveling across state lines, or entering or leaving Indian territory with the intent to injure or harass another person, and in the course of such travel, places that person in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury to that person or a member of his or her immediate family, would be in violation of federal law. The same criteria apply on all federal property, including military installations. (Ibid.)

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