Second Life

Last Night , I was flipping through one of my many magazines, they keep piling up beside my computer as I barely have time to read them. Got to JANE, which I like, stopped reading Cosmo, just stupid now, was good 20 years ago...Yes really it was ,I was there...I'm old..:sigh...Anyway they had an article on a new Simulation game(ie The Sims) it is called SECOND LIFE, thought I'd check it out they are having a free trial til July 13th so if you like this kind of thing then go check it out, it is ok, the SIMS2 from EA GAmes are much better, I have all the Sims(1) and expansion packs, and SIMS2 and university expansion pack. Nightlife will be coming out in the fall, I still think the best Expansion pack was in Sim Unleashed, in which you could have a pets, It totally rocked, funny to see the sim dogs be just as weird as the real life ones. If Sims2 comes out with Pets it will be awesome.. I hope they do.

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