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The Origin of the Amber Plan
The AMBER Plan was created in 1996 as a powerful legacy to 9-year-old Amber Hagerman, a bright little girl who was kidnapped and brutally murdered while riding her bicycle in Arlington, Texas. The tragedy shocked and outraged the entire community. Residents contacted radio stations in the Dallas area and suggested they broadcast special “alerts” over the airwaves so that they could help prevent such incidents in the future.

In response to the community’s concern for the safety of local children, the Dallas/Fort Worth Association of Radio Managers teamed up with local law-enforcement agencies in northern Texas and developed this innovative early warning system to help find abducted children. Statistics show that, when abducted, a child’s greatest enemy is time.

In April, 2003, President Bush signed the Amber Alert legislation making it a national program. While the Amber Alert system is now mandated across the country, some states are still trying to implement the procedures necessary in bringing the alerts to the public. Hampered by outdated Emergency Broadcast guidelines and different activation criteria in each state, the system needs a fair amount of fine-tuning to be optimally effective. Code Amber is on the cutting edge with the technology helping to make that a reality.

Joe Brucia and Code Amber Join Forces (news) (statement) (contact Joe) (Carlie's Law Web Site) (Carlie's Rescue Fund)
Once again, a grieving parent makes a plea to the public for help. The suspect in the abduction and murder of Carlie Brucia is a career criminal. Joseph P. Smith had served only 13 months of a possible 43 years for crimes he had committed. When he was arrested and charged in Carlie's murder, he was out of jail on parole.

This time, an entire nation saw the every parent's harrowing nightmare. Images of Carlie's last moments are forever present in our mind's eye. She has become everyone's child. The memory of her being led away and never seen again was a wake-up call to parents and law officials across the country.

Joe Brucia (news) (statement) (contact Joe) (Carlie's Law) has been talking to lawmakers about proposed legislation to bring sweeping changes in our probation and parole procedures. His goal? Simple: Keep career criminals out of our children's lives.

It is Code Amber's intent to lobby, along with Joe Brucia, his family, and friends for the changes necessary to give judges and law enforcement officials the tools necessary to keep criminals behind bars. We intend to use the power of the Code Amber network and the committment of the Code Amber family to help Joe accomplish his goals.

Just as we will never forget Adam, Polly, Megan, and Amber; Carlie's legacy will live on.

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