Greetings fellow Bizarros:

If you live in the midwest, specifically
Michigan, you might
want to start thinking about whether you'd want
to move
toward the West coast or the East. I hear Florida
is really
booming. The reason being is that it's always
good to be
prepared for a disaster, for example, say, if
aging rocker
Ted Nugent decided to run for governor of your

Yes, that's right, the artist behind such songs
as, "Wang
Dang Sweet Poontang" and the author of books on
the mag-
nitude of, "Kill It & Grill It" has openly
discussed the
idea of running for governor of Michigan.

This may not be as bizarre as it at first sounds.
Jesse "The Body" Ventura did it after a sterling
career in
professional wrestling and a body of cinematic
work which
includes the delivery of such lines as, "Bunch of
jawed faggots around here! This stuff'll make you
a Goddamn
sexual Tyrannosaurs! Just like me."

But "The Body" had a military background to give
him legiti-
macy. "The Nug's" background includes the "Double
Live Gonzo"
and "Full Bluntal Nugity" albums.

Still, his vocal and fanatical advocacy of free
speech, gun
ownership, hunting and anti-federalism, among
other things,
has earned him a strong fanbase of people who
like to wear
camouflage baseball caps and Wolverine boots.

So is he a contender for the governor's mansion?
I guess any-
thing is possible in these Untied States.

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Stuart said...

Nice web page. Came across it in google while trying to see what Ted Nugent's military excuses were.
Anyway, I was wondering how this translates:
Cave quid dicis, Quando, et cui-
- Non Omnia Moriar -
***Cave Regina Canum***

I guess I could look it up but thought you might have it handy.