Two US soldiers missing in Iraq found dead

As I was writing this, this was put out,awful... Iraqi: U.S. bodies showed signs of torture

A very sad morning, my thoughts and prayers for their families...poor guys... one was from our neck of the woods ,a Houston Boy...:(

I know there are many whom I do not know, die everyday. They are not forgotten either, their sacrifice is the ultimate one, but is so we here at home can be safe, and I thank them.

My Boys will be in the military when they are old enough (they are 5 and 2)and if that time comes I will be crushed and heartbroken , but I will be proud of them and what they were doing for this wonderful country. I won't be pulling a "Sheenan"!

"Matt" is still M.I.A.,hope he is ok...doesn't look good though:(

who was taken on April 9, 2004, after insurgents ambushed his fuel convoy

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