I can't find the words to explain this..?

G-man woke me up to see this ( the Tonight show with Jay Leno, I had gone to sleep early), it was SOO FREAKING HORRIBLE, you know like a really gruesome car wreck, didn't want to look , but couldn't look away...OMG....The blue grass band was sorta cool, then DLR **( whom I saw drunk off his ass in a strip club in Vancouver years ago, just as he was starting to lose his hair)started to "SING"..he attempted "JUMP"..OMG...Sorry people it was so bad, NOT IN THE GOOD WAY, JUST HORRIBLE...It was like some creepy state fair , local band ,bluegrass country amateur version of Van Halen sung by the Villiage drunk who lives beside the gas station in a shack...Who thought he was doing great, everybody having a good time, it was truly surreal...Scarred me for life. okay for all you out there who just have to hear this,,

Go here and be prepared to cry:grimacing truly bizarrely surreal...

Track Listings:
1. JUMP - David Lee Roth with the John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band
2. JAMIERYINDavid Lee Roth with the John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band
3. IWAIT - Blue Highway
4. RUNNINTH THE DEVIL - The John Cowan Band (courtesy of Pinecastle Records)
5. DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY - Mountain Heart
7. HOT FOR TEACHER - David Grisman
8. FEEL YOUR LOVE TONIGHT - Tony Trischka, Dudley Connell, Marshall Wilborn, Dave McLaughlin
9. PANAMA - Cornbread Red
10. UNCHAINED - Iron Horse
11. ICE CREAM MAN - Larry Cordle
12. AND THE CRADLE WILL ROCK... - The John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band
13. COULD THIS BE MAGIC? - The Nashville Bluegrass Band (courtesy of Sugar Hill Records)
14. ERUPTION - Dennis Caplinger
15. JAMIERYINDIO EDIT] - David Lee Roth with the John Jorgenson Bluegrass

Git -R -Done Dave...

:shaking head...omg, I'm so old...

** David Lee Roth, former lead singer of Van Halen, a few dozen eons ago, when I was young

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