Be Quiet!!!


Mommy's Sleeping.

CLEVELAND - Officers who went to a home to serve a search warrant found a skeleton in the bed where an 80-year-old woman said her mother was sleeping.
Police believe the remains belong to woman's 98-year-old mother, who hadn't been seen in at least three years.
Officers went to the home Wednesday to serve a search warrant for building, housing and health code violations, but the woman said they couldn't come inside because her mother was sleeping. After persuading her to let them in the house, the officials pulled back the blanket on the bed and found the skeleton.
The daughter, whose name was withheld until her family was notified, was taken to St. Vincent Charity Hospital.
Cuyahoga County Coroner Elizabeth K. Balraj said Thursday she would need more information to identify the body, which showed no signs of injury.
Police Lt. Thomas Stacho said no charges were expected.

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{Minion} said...

Am i allowed to find this funny?
'cos I really am amused by it.

Otherwise I'd better make the right noises, oh, poor lady, hope she get's better soon.... :\