Whoa...check this out!

"A mix between car, motorcycle, and spaceship, the BMW Clever concept car is a three-wheeled vehicle designed to be maneuverable and environmentally friendly. Running on natural gas, the Clever can move at speeds up to 50 mph while consuming an impressive '188 miles per gallon' � an estimated equivalent to regular fuel. At only 3 feet wide, the vehicle can carry two people, with the passenger sitting directly behind the driver. What makes the vehicle stable despite the three-wheeled design is its unique tilting mechanism that leans the passenger compartment into the turn, like a motorcycle, up to 45�. It also has the benefit of looking much cooler than a Hummer while not creating it's own Rhode Island-sized hole in the ozone layer every time you take it to the supermarket. It isn't known if the Clever will ever be produced for consumers, but if it is, expect a price of around $10,000, according to Digital Lifestyle Magazine. � Adam Frucci"

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