Goth Types

Goth Types: "Goth Types

The notion of 'goth type' is more of an internal joke than a reality. It does reveal, however, the constellation of themes that collectively define the subculture. Very few goths are as polarlised as this listing implies - most are a combination of types. Moral: don't believe in generalizations about goths, not even the ones you read here.

Romantic Goth attitude:
My capacity for love is certainly greater than this mortal coil can bear.
clothes: Anything with lace and frills: Edwardian, Victorian, renaissance.

Mopey Goth
attitude: Gentle people always perish in an unkind world.
clothes: romantic, modern.

Fetish Goth
attitude: Gentle people are excellent for spanking.
clothes: leather, PVC, fishnet, chains.

Perky Goth
attitude: Woohoo!
clothes: modern, fetish, cyber

Raver Goth
attitude: If it don't glow, it don't show.
clothes: phat pants, t-shirts, tank tops, flourescent thingies

Goth Geek
attitude: It's better than being a plain geek.
clothes: modern

Vampire Goth
attitude: Vampires are cool.
clothes: formal, jetset, romantic.

Pagan Goth
attitude: The occult and/or celtic religions are cool.

Ren Faire Goth
attitude: The Renaissance Faire and role-playing games are cool.
clothes: medieval, renaissance, Scottish.

Other dark people
Deathrockers, rivetheads, metalheads, weekenders "

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