The Save-Ums

"The Save-Ums are one of the cartoon series shown as part of the pre-school block on Discovery Kids and TLC. Produced by Decode Entertainment in Canada, the Save-ums are a group of young creatures who spend their time at Save-Um Central, awaiting calls for help from the inhabitants of their world. Calls are received on the Save-ums Screen, a video teleconference screen that allows the Save-ums to see and hear their supplicants. These calls come in from three primary locales: Rock World, a mountainous island; Lava World, a tropical island complete with volcano; and Wave World, the undersea area. Graphics on their communicator and controls indicate the presence of a snow or ice-type world as well, but the first and second seasons have not explored this area"

Save-ums Characters
Noodle, Jazzy, Ka-Chung, Foo, Custard. BB Jammies, and the puffs.

Denizens of Rock World
Colin and Elizabat (bats)
Dorrie and Terrell (glowgrubs)

Denizens of Lava World
Oscar and Tina (monkeys)
Raymundo and Pecque (ants)
Baby Dino (a baby dinosaurus)

Denizens of Wave World
Andre, the Super Seahorse
Winston the Whale (AKA Wonder Winston)
Tony and Sal (crabs)
Olena Octopus

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