Today October / 5 / 2005

Well the migraine is gone, just strained neck and back as per the norm, Bup is still sick, his fever is down , but he is all quiet and achy...Xab seem to be ok too, he had a bad dream last night and ended up camping out beside me in our room, was up this morning when we were:6am...It is cloudy and overcast temp is High for today 92 degrees , low:70...That's ok, when it is 80-88 degrees that is perfect here...We expect rain today.
Funny to think it is Fall doesn't feel like it, Yesterday in Billings they had SNOW>hey guys ship it to me >I Love snow! It is about time for it, there is always snow at or before Halloween in Montana....I'm going to miss the seasons....Real Seasons...Gotta write that bestseller, then I can have a home in all zones>spring/summer/fall/winter ..LOL...Yeah I should just do that...

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