Honda Motor puts WOW factor into canine car

MAKUHARI, Japan (AFP) - For years automakers have been perfecting their vehicles to make them as luxurious and sexy as possible for motorists -- now they have designed one for dogs too.

Japanese automaker Honda Motor unveiled a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show Wednesday that aims to be the final word in luxury travel for dogs.

But our furry friends will not get their paws on the steering wheel just yet -- this one is strictly for humans to drive.

The W.O.W concept wagon, which can fit as many as six people or four people with one medium-sized dog, has wood flooring and carries seats that can be transformed into a crate-cum-onboard dog kennel.

It also has air vents that deliver streams of fresh air into the cabin to sweep out doggy odors, Honda said.

"To maximize canine appreciation, the interior is fashioned with materials like wooden flooring that recreate a terrace environment dogs feel comfortable in," Honda said.

The car's glove compartment box can be also used as a crate to put in small dogs.

The vehicle's low, flat floor and doors that slide open "provide easy access for everyone, from children and senior passengers to canine companions," the company added.

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