Kingdom Of Heaven

We just got this movie, It is simply excellent...kept quite true to the Crudsades. The costuming was excellent as well,I foresee us making some new Garb:)
I already have alot of stuff like Sybilla's wardrobe:) yes even the gems:)

I don't really like Orlando Bloom, but he did ok in this, playing an Honorable Knight, hard to go wrong with that scenario...

Liam Neeson was great as his Da,

and Jeremy Irons, fab!!..

Renard was played by Brendan Gleeson aka Hamish:BraveHeart...too bad he played a perverted warmonger...
Guy was played by Marton Csokas , evil dude, late Head villian of Anarchy 1999:XXX : Vin Diesel

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