Stay-At-Home Mom Goes on Strike

FRANKFORT, Ind. - A stay-at-home mom is on strike — giving up her daily chores until her family gives her more help around the house.

Regina Stevenson, 41, sat on a lawn chair Tuesday on the sidewalk outside her home in Frankfort, 20 miles southeast of Lafayette, with a sign saying "Mom on Strike."

Stevenson has four children, ranging in age from 7 to 19. The youngest three live at home with her and her husband, Dennis, along with their daughter-in-law and grandson.

Stevenson says the large household means doing a lot of laundry, cooking, cleaning and gardening.

"I do everything except bring home the paycheck," she said, crediting her husband for that contribution.

Stevenson said her children are good kids and that her husband keeps odd hours and can't always pitch in.

But she said she wants more help around the house and that she won't be cleaning, cooking or doing other chores until they clean and learn to appreciate her.

"(Stay-at-home moms) are not paid with money, and I think that you should show a little courtesy and respect for what we do," she said.

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