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Name: Cotton the Blue Toy Poodle; “Cotton” for short
Age: 4 year
Color: Blue
Height: 10 inches on all four legs/ 20 inches standing on his two hind legs
Weight: 10 pounds
Sign: Gemini
Favorite food: Chicken Bones
Loves: Playing with kids
Dislikes: Getting haircuts
Favorite playmate: Diva the Kitten
Worst playmate: Diva the Kitten

1. Cotton can walk on his two hind legs on command.
2. Cotton can swim.
3. Cotton can sense dangerous people.
4. Cotton can sit on command.
5. Cotton can jump 6 feet high.

The Secret:
Everyone has been asking, "What is the secret behind this blue dog?" "Why is he BLUE?" Many rumors have been circulating about how this dog got to be blue. Some have said that Cotton is a circus dog that ran away to live a normal life. Others have said Cotton was part an experiment in which scientists used advanced genetic technology for animal pigment manipulation. And the rest have simply responded by saying, "He was dyed blue."

But all these statements are wrong. Cotton isn't a missing poodle from the Barnum and Bailey Circus, or a science project gone wrong, or a colored "rinse after ten minutes" dog. The truth is, Cotton doesn't belong to any dog breed known to man. He belongs to a breed known to an advanced extra-terrestrial race. That's right. Cotton is not of this world. Cotton's home world once floated on the edge of the universe for a billion millenniums. But his home world does not exist anymore and he is the last of his kind.

How did he get here?

A highly intelligent race, whose sole purpose is to travel the universe and salvage rare life forms, rescued Cotton and gave him temporary refuge on their space vessel. Knowing that their galactic-city traveling through space was not an appropriate habitat for the blue alien canine, the extra-terrestrials asked Cotton which inhabited planet in the universe would he like to reside. Cotton chose to live on Earth, thinking that humans’ sole purpose was to serve canines after viewing a video image of a man picking up dog-poop while walking a dog. Thus, Cotton became a permanent resident of the planet Earth and a gift from the “people” above.
You’re probably saying to yourself, “I don’t believe a word of this story” and dismiss what you have just read. That’s how we continue to protect his secret, knowing it’s too fantastic to believe. So just keep saying to yourself that he is a Toy Poodle dyed blue.

It is said that not only was Cotton’s species of dogs were blue, but that they often walked on the hind legs for days on their home planet. Because Earth’s gravity pull is stronger than that of his former world’s, Cotton does not have the energy to walk long periods of time and walks for 2 minutes straight at most.

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