For people from Abilene

You Know You're From place When...

You have ever taken a girl to "look" at the blue lights by the airport.

Meeting a celebrity" means standing in line at the Olive Garden next to the local weatherman.

Your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waiting to pass a camper on the Winters Freeway.

"Vacation" means driving to Dallas.

You have seen the "Anson Lights" and they scared the hell out of you!

You think one of the major food groups is Taco Bueno.

You think that opening weekend for dove and deer seasons are national holidays.

You find 98 degrees "a little warm," and 60 degrees downright freezing.

You think the only seasons are hot, damn hot, and winter.

You know if another person is from out of town the second he or she walks in the door.

"Overachievers" go to A&M or UT. The rest must choose from Hardin-Simmons, ACU, McMurry, or Cisco Junior College.

You've had several friends move off and move back within a couple of months.

You have a friend that lives near a pumpjack.

The West Texas Fair and Rodeo is the major event for the whole year.

The town mascot is a B-1 Bomber.

Honeymoon means "San Antonio."

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Abilene.

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