Ok well we went to the Big Mall....
I had my Eye exam and glasses fitting, and got the glasses..yup I'm now "goggled" again as G-Man says. I am Posting a pic of me wearing the New OPTICAL ENHANCERS, this pic was taken at 11pm, and I was very tired...so :P.

G-man and the boys stumbled around the Mall while I had the exam etc...then I got a few mins to myself... TO SHOP!!!!
I found the perfect thing to go with My Green Italian Ren Dress I will be needing to wear next weekend as we have our First SCA event to go to Here in the South...the Theme is Venice>Lovely!

The Shoes are to Die for and I may have to go back and buy the different colors they have, white/ red/olive...
ok the pics of them are ok, in real life they sparkle and shine GORGEOUSLY...and actually they are somewhat Period footwear as well so Kudos for me..Yeah!

G-man Played Games all day and watched the Broncos WIN:)...I took Xab for a walk, and Bup Played gameboy sitting in the Livroom:)Bonk and Coal Lounged around as usual, and vacuumed the carpet for me:)

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