Ok who waxes/body sugars???

I think I'm going to start posting stuff I find , and beauty stuff I Do know about, I used to be a professional Make up/special F/X artist , eons ago in my youth...So I do know some vital things...

Beauty Recipes


Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 cup sugar,
1/4 cup honey or syrup

Mix up then zap in microwave
for 2 mins or until caramel color.

Spread as thinly as possible in
the direction of the hair and pull
off in the opposite direction.
Use other hand to pull skin taut when
pulling the strips off.
I suggest keeping the mix in a pan of
hot water during use to keep the
mixture warm. Don't put on too thick
or it will stick to your skin but not
pull the hairs out. Wash and dry
your legs first.

1) Keep hands damp and wipe area with a
damp cloth immediately after you pull a strip.
2) Make your own reusable strips with a cotton
pillowcase or old sheet. Strips can be washed
in hot water(sugar is soluble).
Iron clean strips flat before using for
maximum results.

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