Aardvark Makes Public Debut at Neb. Zoo

OMAHA, Neb. - The Henry Doorly Zoo has announced the birth of its first aardvark. The animal, born in Omaha on Sept. 9, made its public debut on Wednesday at the nursery, the zoo said.

The baby was born weighing only 3 pounds but grew to about 5 pounds within two and a half weeks. The animal comes out of an incubator for feedings, exercise and play each day from noon to 4 p.m., the zoo said. The animal eats a specially formulated liquid diet but will begin eating solid foods in about one month.

The aardvark is a long eared, long nosed and hairless nocturnal animal that hails from throughout Africa.

The baby's parents live in the African diorama exhibit in the Kingdoms of the Night.

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