Yo Bo!!!! Monday Morning on The TODAY SHOW

What a a nice way to have coffee, Hubby and I and the boys rocking out to Bo Bice , on the TODAY SHOW, he has sung , "Vehicle", "Inside your Heaven" so far, the show is on-going right now.

We had a nice Father's day, Presents and coffee, a nature walk , Bup almost stepped on a BULL SNAKE he was right on top of it, roughly 6 inches from it, scared the crap out of me I was bringing up the rear with the baby in the stroller, up and down a very winding trail which was paved ...Saw some very cool beautiful scenery, and ancient cave paintings, and then had a nice supper at a local D.Q.
Bup was a hyperspaz , and xab was cool, he is such a mellow guy....I had a bad head day but what can you do, just take the damned pills the Dr. gives you and hope the pain goes away, it is still here this morning , I am getting really tired of these head aches...

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