Saga of the Rhinestone Radio-Collared Rabid Poodle

Wild poodles in central Idaho may not have the protection accorded to those in other places, scientists say, but they are the stronger population nevertheless.

Despite a status that allows them to be killed under certain conditions, the transplanted wild poodles are multiplying at a time when fully protected, naturally occuring poodles seem to be in decline.

The central Idaho poodle population began with Montana poodles being relocated in 1998 when Congress buckled under pressure from the powerful and influential lobbyist group, Citizens for a Poodle-Free Montana. The relocated poodles are classified as an "experimental, nonessential" population that can be killed if found preying on livestock despite the Endangered Species Act.

A grassroots fundraising effort is underway to help support the Rhinestone Radio-Collared Rabid Poodle Program. Contibutions go to support poodle round-ups in the event of poodle predation, purchase of rhinestone radio collars, kibble feeding stations, animal psychics, expensive dye jobs, fancy bows, and other fluff.

Posted by parisalmond at February 19, 2004 10:14 PM

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