Uncle Bruce

I recieved word this morning of the passing of my Uncle Bruce.

My other Uncle , called to tell me. This is hard I have not seen him for many years, but he is Family. He was a wonderful carpenter, fisherman, down to earth guy. He made the casket for my Mother's ashes after she died, it took him months , because he'd start crying and couldn't work. I always remember that.

We had good times down at the Trailer and At Wally's Farm, the camp outs at Cummings Lake , going for boat rides on the lake. I remember him as sort of a rough hewn man, very different from my Dad,his brother.

This is the stuff I remember...he is at peace now , out of pain and suffering.

He was surrounded by Family,

his children and grandchildren and his Loving Wife of many years ,

My Aunt Lorraine.

I will remember, I have told my children, and have shown them pictures of their Great Uncle Bruce, they will know him.

In this way we stay alive in the hearts of people that love us...

-- There is no death, only a change of worlds.--Native American Proverb


ghostie alix said...

my condolences Blue. :(
may he rest in peace...

Inconsequential said...


I'm not good at doing the sympathy thing, but what I have, you can have.