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Sew Much Comfort provides adaptive clothing free of charge to support the unique needs of our injured service members. We create and/or adapt clothing to meet the unique needs of the wounded service members. For many service members the only hospital clothing available is a hospital gown. These gowns are drafty, do not cover properly and are impractical for optimum recovery. By creating custom adaptive clothing, our hope is to make their recovery more comfortable both physically and emotionally.

Our clothing gives the service members the ability to have ready access to their injuries by utilizing the adaptive openings in our clothing that ease their exams and physical therapy, as well as facilitating the difficult process of dressing themselves in their everyday life. Our clothing allows injured service members to easily dress themselves and their clothing appears as normal as civilian attire which helps facilitate a more natural and comfortable recovery. We are currently making clothing to fit over a fixator (36” metal halo that goes around an injured limb) devices for either arm or leg injuries. Full and mid length access pants. We make adaptive boxer shorts, male and female, and adaptive shirts to cover upper body injuries. Because we do not know the exact injuries of each service member, we have devised generic patterns that suffice in most applications. When completed, our adaptive clothing is ambidextrous to cover most limb injuries without compromising the natural look. Our volunteer seamstresses make this all possible. Without their dedication and effort making our adaptive clothing, we would not be able to accomplish our mission. The seamstresses have donated fabric or sought donations of fabrics they sew. We have sewing groups as well as individuals all across the United States. Each volunteer has their own story to tell about how they became involved with Sew Much Comfort. We thank each and every volunteer who has come forth to volunteer time and energy to make our service members a bit more comfortable as they recover from their injuries. Our goal when we began was to provide each service member with a minimum wardrobe as they recover. We have not been able to meet that goal. Can you imagine only having two pair of underwear and one pair of pants to wear until you are released from the hospital? Recovery time for some of these service members can be months or even a year. We are seeking monetary and clothing donations so we can provide for every injured service member. With monetary donations we are able to provide our seamstresses with velcro, elastic, snaps, but our biggest expense is shipping. Your help can make a service member’s life easier as they recover from their injuries. This is our mission and we cannot accomplish it without your help.

We are a 501 (c) 3 public charity, all donations are tax deductible


Thank you for considering a contribution to the Sew Much Comfort (SMC) project. SMC raises money and organizes volunteers to provide adaptive clothing to help our soldiers who have made life altering sacrifices on our behalf. All monies donated to SMC are used to provide adaptive clothing to our wounded soldiers while they recover from their injuries. For us to reach our goal of providing a minimum wardrobe to each soldier. In order to achieve our goal financial donations are needed. Shipping costs is a major cost for us, the seamstresses need to ship the completed clothing to distribution center, than we ship to the needed soldier.

We are a 501 (c) 3 charity and donations are tax deductible. The generous support of individuals, foundations, corporations and others will significantly facilitate SMC’s ability to provide much needed clothing for the many injured soldiers.

With your generosity and support, our soldier's lives can be affected in a supportive, encouraging and beneficial way. Their recoveries become more comfortable and your efforts will assist their return to a higher level of normalcy and dignity as they recover from their injuries sustained in our name and for our great country. On behalf of all the soldiers we serve, we all thank you for your help and support.

* All donations are tax deductible

Monetary donations send to: Michele Cuppy
Sew Much Comfort
13805 Frontier Lane
Burnsville, MN 55337

We also can use donations of new clothing and fabric for our seamstress's to modify. We adapt boxers, polo shirts, t-shirts, athletic shorts and pants. They can have logo’s on them but must be new. We also have many requests from our soldiers for professional sports team gear. Please contact us if you have new clothing to donate.

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