Well this is a little ray of fracking sunshine

Quote: Standing in a crowded room but why do I
still feel alone

You hide lonlieness. You feel as if no one is there
even if someone is right there talking to you.
You think that they don't know or understand
the real you. People seem to shun you out and
ignore you because they don't notice you a lot
since you keep to yourself. People don't see
all you want is someone to notice you the real
you. Someone to stay by yourside and be with
you so that you are not alone. You feel as if
you will be alone forever. You wonder why
everyone ignores you. So you think that there
must be something wrong with you. And you begin
to hate yourself. You try and change but that
didn't do anything they still don't seem to
care or they notice you but you still can't
help but feel alone. Don't worry I know how
that feels. You have to wait for a day when you
find someone worth your love. Because the love
you've kept inside will prove its worth then.
One day you'll find someone. You just have to
be willing to wait and if you do your reward
will be great

~We all hide something from the world...What do you hide~(with beautiful dark pictures)
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