Ok we went to the Texasrenfest, on Saturday, it was weird and fun, the boys had a good time...We saw this group there and they ROCK!!!!!

"The only thing that limits a Tartanic show are strict laws set by the Fire Department. Take the loudest instruments you can imagine (bagpipes and drums!), and mix in tunes ranging from "Scotland the Brave" to scorching Samba-driven numbers then grab your fire extinguishers, becase if the band doesn't spontaneously combust the audience might! Tartanic takes live performance to heart and creates a high-energy pulse at 120 beats per minute and beyond.

Tartanic as a band is new and on the edge. With over 30 years of performance between them, Tartanic fills a much needed niche in Celtic music, taking tunes out of the session and into the sensational with humor and theatrics. This is not just music, this is an interactive spectacle. . .it is a “Tartanic Experience.”

Tartanic dares you to keep up with them!"

You can hear Audio samples here ,

I highly recommend purchasing these CD's...

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Anonymous said...

Cool....it looks like Tartanic has a new CD out and a new website....www.tartanic.net. Sounds fun.