Connick turns "Happy Elf" into TV special

Well it seems this will be one for the kids ...I'll force them to watch it...joking..lol

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Harry Connick Jr. narrates, executive produces and provides all the original music for this new NBC holiday show, based on his eponymous song. It also is available, as of Saturday, on DVD via NBC's Web site.

The elf of the title is the exuberant -- to the point of being annoying -- fast-talking Eubie (Rob Paulsen, who once voiced the equally quick-talking Yakko of "Animaniacs"). Eubie has worked in several of the Man-in-Red's -- a.k.a. Santa's -- departments, alienating fellow workers and department managers with his hyper enthusiasm. When Eubie finally is sent to Naughty and Nice, he is determined to find out why Bluesville has so many "naughties."

Director John Rice's animation is colorful and entertaining, even for the youngest of viewers.

Mickey Rooney does an excellent job voicing Santa. Plus, it's a much more appealing gig than watching him peddle insurance in TV commercials. Carol Kane's distinctive, sensitive tones are perfect for her elf character, Gilda.

Connick's title song, as well as other new holiday offerings, are catchy and fun. Writer Andrew Fishman offers some cute quips designed for adults, "Gnomeland Security" being one.

No doubt Eubie is a tribute to the late ragtime pianist Eubie Blake, who wrote, appropriately enough, "I'm Just Wild About Harry."

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