A christmas Idea for you common people out there..lol

Tired of being Mr. or Mrs. Average?

Would you like people to show you a little more respect? Become a Lord or Lady and you can demand VIP treatment wherever you go!

Becoming a member of the aristocracy is tough to say the least. If you want to call yourself Lord or Lady, it's a choice of inheriting the title or waiting for Her Majesty to call. But now there's an alternative.

For only $59.95 you can own a plot on the Glencairn estate in Scotland, legally entitling you to use the title "Laird"; widely recognized as the equivalent of the English title "Lord".

The most accurate translation of Laird is "land owner". Purchase of this gift pack makes you the legal owner of a one square foot (12" x12" ) plot of land, and the legal right to use the title:

"Laird of Glencairn" -or- "Lady of Glencairn"

In addition to this, by purchasing one of our souvenir plots of land in the Highlands of Scotland you will be investing in a piece of Scottish history which can be handed down from generation to generation.

The souvenir plots of land for sale measure one square foot (12" x12" ) and are situated at Glencairn in the historic Highland County of Caithness in Scotland.

"Scottish Highland Titles are a special and unique gift idea with historical references and up-to-date environmental concerns"

With each plot of land purchased the "Laird" (owner of land in Scotland) receives a handsome Land Title Deed measuring "8.5 " x 11" together with a map, personal plot number, exclusive "Proof of Title" credit card, plan of site and access instructions.

Suitably framed, the Land Title Deed, which under Scots Law and custom entitles the owner (male or female) usage of the title "Laird", or "Lady" for females, makes a most impressive wall display.

Those who have already purchased souvenir plots for relatives or friends have found that they make an excellent and unique gift for any occasion.

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