Woman Allegedly Steals Pups, Dyes Them

MOORHEAD, Minn. - Two puppies stolen from a Moorhead pet store turned up safe — but their fur had been dyed purple and blue. Sheila Hoffart, 19, faces two counts of theft for swiping a Shih Tzu and a sheltie from the pet store. Hoffart, of West Fargo, N.D., said she took the dogs and colored their fur to make them more unique.

It isn't the first time Hoffart has dyed a pet's fur. She gave two cats red fur, using the same dye her roommate used to dye his hair. "It doesn't hurt them," she said.

Hoffart tried to sell the purple sheltie after it started making messes in her apartment. Paula Harland agreed to buy the sheltie from Hoffart but soon heard about the pet store thefts and returned the dog. Hoffart's roommate returned the other dog.

Bridget Nolte, a K-9 Country Club and Pet Store employee, said both dogs have since been sold and are back to their normal color.

Hoffart, who said she took the dogs because she felt sorry for them, will appear in court April 18.

"I guess I wasn't really thinking," she said

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