Things Only Gothics Will Have To Worry About In Old Age

1. Children joking at funny (yet attractive) senior fashions, though hip in our times.
2. Vampire Teeth Dentures
3. The demented stories we tell our grandchildren for a cheap kick.
4. Relatives will have us commited to senior homes as disturbed individuals early on.
5. The interesting conversations with McDonalds cashiers whilst ordering Senior Citizen Discount Coffee. "In my days we actually had a rebel yell."
6. Gothics on Rascals (scooter thingys, gonna have to draw that out one day).
7. Mortician and relatives trying to figure out what was your favorite outfit.
8. Radio stations playing the classics (And now here's a blast from the past, Testure by the Skinny Puppy) as if.
9. At Halloween children will call our house "the house where the mean old witch lives."
10. Explaining what those tatoos where suppose to be. (Take pictures now)

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