Amateur video purportedly shows 'huge' Bigfoot

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Canadian Press
Apr. 19, 2005 10:31 AM

NORWAY HOUSE, Man. - Is Bigfoot walking the bush around a remote community in northern Manitoba?

Residents have been flocking to Georgina Henry's house to watch two minutes and 49 seconds of video shot by her son, Bobby Clarke, on the banks of the Nelson River shortly after dawn Saturday morning.

"It's pictures of Bigfoot," she said. "It's black and it's big. Oh god, it's huge - seven or eight feet high," Henry said. "We can see him walking, and then turning to look at him (Clarke).

Clarke said he was on duty at his job as a car ferry operator when he saw a "big, black figure" on the opposite bank, about 250 to 300 metres away. He grabbed his camcorder, which he said he always has with him.

"It was just massive, standing tall. I'm freaked out," Clarke said Monday in an interview from the ferry at an uninhabited bush area 40 kilometres from Norway House.

He said he's been nervous ever since, especially when he takes the ferry to that side of the river.

He said the creature walked upright on two legs back into the bush, barely 200 metres away from the ferry dock.

The bush comes right up to the dock, he said.

Clarke's wife, Winnie, agreed he was shaken by the experience.

"Elders say it's a blessing, it's a spiritual sign if people see it," she said.

She said she has been hearing from people who had seen Bigfoot themselves, but lacked evidence.

"Now that he's got this video, there's a lot of trappers and fishers out there, they've seen the tracks over the years."

Several people have been talking about taking a boat over to look for tracks, but Clarke said he wasn't very anxious to join them.

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