SEAL HUNT RANT!!!! / Group Asks U.S. to Boycott Canada Seafood

Hello People, I WAS a Canadian, I was born there and grew up and met my husband and Now I live in the states. I remember this horrible annual slaughter, since childhood. I was beyond console when I first saw it on the news when I was about 5,it is sick , there is no need for it, and it is cruel and heartless. The pain and torture of these poor little animals is incredible.. My Family has always been against this ,and a lot of other Canadians are too. Every time I hear of a new Culling of the seal population, it makes me cry and feel so angry towards those Bast@rds, who can gleefully torture and bash little babies skin them alive and laugh as the mother seal cries for her baby who lies dying in unbelievable pain, bleeding to death from the unimaginable cruelty of the "Hunters"...It is sick , and I am personally Boycotting .... And although My Husband thinks that sometimes I am a "Closet Tree-hugger" I am involved in Animal Rights and do not by products that condone animal testing, I am teaching my kids to be kind to animals and see them as members of the family and treat them as such, and to learn about other animals and where they live and what they do, I think it is important.... Animals to me are the same as we are, and sometimes when you look in their eyes , I'm sure they know a lot of things we DON"T. I personally urge you to check out Animal rights groups and your local ASPCA, for opportunities for change that you personally can affect in your neighborhood. I will be making a links list soon of companies that do not use animal testing in their products , Look for that soon. Thank you for reading , it is just my own point of view....Oh and I don't feel sorry for the fishermen who say the seals are taking their fish, The seals where here first and there is enough for everyone...It is just done for profit...Ok..Done for now.


By ELIZABETH WOLFE, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - The Humane Society of the United States is asking American restaurants and consumers to boycott Canadian seafood to pressure that government to stop the annual seal hunt.

The announcement of the boycott Monday coincided with the start of country-of-origin labeling for seafood products sold in the United States, a practice that will let shoppers know where their seafood comes from.

Legal Sea Foods, a 31-restaurant chain, and Down East Seafoods, a distributor to about 200 hotels and restaurants, have joined the boycott. The Humane Society has appealed to more than 5,000 U.S. seafood distributors to follow suit.

"Americans have repeatedly used their purchasing power to bring about significant improvements in animal welfare," Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle said.

The hunt, which animal rights activists say is needlessly cruel, has been the target of protests since the 1960s. When this year's hunt began last week, thousands of sealers armed with clubs, rifles and spears clashed with protesters arriving by helicopter.

Canada says the decades-long practice brings badly needed income to impoverished fishing communities, primarily from pelt sales to Norway, Denmark and China. The United Stats bans imports of seal products.

"It's a livelihood for many of the aboriginals in Newfoundland and Labrador. They don't have much in the way of an alternative economic endeavor," said Terry Colli, a Canadian embassy spokesman.

The largest seafood importer to the United States, Canada accounted for nearly a fifth of the U.S. market in 2003, or about $2.2 billion, the Canadian government reported.

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