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The following is a section from Jane & Michael Stern’s book “The Encyclopedia of Bad Taste” (1990 HarperCollins). It’s one of the most informative and humorous books on the odd and occasionally outlandish social crazes of twentieth century America, especially in the post-war era.

Poodles (P)

Poodles are not sissies; they aren’t even French. But it’s easy to understand how they got their reputation if you see one in full dress clip. It is a stunning sight, like topiary shrubbery but able to beg, fetch, roll over, and play dead. To gaze upon a standard (full-size) poodle in a “Miami Sweetheart” cut with centered fur hearts on hips and back, pantaloon legs sculpted lathe-smooth, tassel ears, a Van Buren mustache drooping from its muzzle, a ribboned topknot, and a wagging pompon tail, parading along the boulevard in a rhinestone collar at the end of a jeweled lead, is to see an animal that has become a walking, barking work of art.

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