Canine Friend Helps Rescue Dog From Cliff

LONDON - It was one of those heartwarming Lassie moments. Lacey the golden Labrador survived a 100-foot fall down a cliff when her friend Sheena, a black Labrador, raised the alarm, coast guards in Wales said Tuesday.

Lacey became trapped after slipping down a rocky slope near South Stack, in Holyhead, north Wales, on Monday afternoon.

Twelve-year-old Sheena spotted her lying in a pool of water at the bottom of a gully and raced to fetch Lacey's owner, barking to gain attention and directing her to the stricken animal. Coast guards were called.

"The whole rescue operation took around 40 minutes," said a spokesman for Holyhead coast guards

"One of our rescue team climbed down to the dog and set up a harness and rope system to winch her back to the top.

"The dog was shivering from the cold and a bit shocked and nervous but she did not seem to be hurt and was wagging her tail.

"She would not have been able to get out herself so she is very lucky that the other dog found her."

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