Canadian Police Say Don't Lie on Road to Get Help

OK People, this is just STUPID! Everyday there is something else going on, IN CANADA, it makes me feel sort of embarrassed to be canadian sometimes, I meant really , do you Have half a brain, regardless of what MOST people think, Most Canadians are not BOB and DOUG McKenzie Clones, drinking Labatts and eating back bacon 24/7, while they fix the skidoo, so they can go watch the Leafs game....:rolling eyes....My Husband , goes out of his way to torment me on my choice of Birth country, he thinks it's funny....sometimes it is just too much... ok thats enough for now... Here read this about an idiot from Burnaby , BC, this is where Micheal J. Fox comes from. I used to work in Burnaby, at MetroTown Shopping Mall-it's huge...

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - Police in a Vancouver suburb issued an unusual warning to drivers on Monday: If you run out fuel, do not lay down on the road to get assistance.

Police were alerted to a man's body laying along the Trans Canada Highway in the predawn darkness only to discover he was "quite alive," but that his car had run out of gas and he "wanted to attract someone's attention."

"Guess it worked, but police don't really recommend this method," the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Burnaby, British Columbia, said in a press release.

The man's car was towed, but no charges were filed

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