ThinkGeek :: Shirt of Smiting

You see a large wooden door. You open it.

You enter a dark cavernous conference room. There are whiteboards, notepads, and a speakerphone. The faint smell of dry erase markers and stale coffee hovers in the dank office air. The fluorescent light above you flickers briefly.

You see hidden in the shadows the glistening, faceted eyes of your manager. The foul smelling monster breathes heavily -- drooling on a stack of TPS reports. What do you do?

I attack. I swing my 2-handed sword at the fell beast! Luckily I'm wearing my +20 Shirt of Smiting, otherwise my roll of 17 would have been merely a glancing blow against his AC 37 scaly hide. Thanks to my new shirt (which also acts as a keen edge spell), it's a critical hit! DOUBLE DAMAGE!

Where are the Cheetos?

100% cotton heavyweight t-shirt in black. Don't be deceived by its comfy feel and relaxed fit: with "+20 Shirt of Smiting" printed on the front in white, you're practically invincible!

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