The Science Channel :: Episode :: Extreme Astronomy

This was the show that was on after the show on the Super Novas,, this was even more interesting..
It was fascinating to "see" the universe in a different light as it were, ultra violet ,infrared, the use of gamma, and xrays, to look at the Crab nebula, and to actually see the pulsar at the center of it pulsing(all in the infrared)they also featured other nebuli and stars, large pockets of energy and gas clouds. ...Was pretty cool considering that a professional astronomer can look at this nebula, and then look again in a week and it will look totally different,. I found this program to be wild, all the unseen things in life that millions will never see......
.....Yeah we are that geeky...

At the edge of the spectral frontier strange things go BANG! in the night. X-rays, gamma rays, and other radiation are producing interesting information. This story explores exploding suns, deep-space cataclysms and the energetic people who track them.

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