Israeli dogs donate blood to toxic pet food victims - Yahoo! News

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A rare public appeal went out on Wednesday to Israeli pet owners to bring their dogs to donate blood to help save more than a dozen canines poisoned by toxic American pet food.
Approximately 23 dogs have died in
Israel' in recent weeks from liver failure after eating Nutra Nuggets, manufactured by the U.S.-based Diamond Pet Food company. Veterinarians say at least another 17 pets have been poisoned and that only a handful was expected to survive.
At the Beit Dagan Animal Science Institute, where 14 dogs are being treated for poisoning, veterinarians said dozens of people had brought in their pets to give blood after they made their appeal on Israeli television, radio and newspapers.
The U.S.
Food and Drug Administration' ordered a recall of several Diamond Pet Food products in December after tests showed many bags were contaminated with aflatoxin, a potentially lethal chemical found on grains.
Diamond estimated that more than 75 dogs died in the United States. Israel's Agriculture Ministry recalled the products in February after several dogs in Israel died.

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