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Hey this is a really good show, we watched it last night...I think we will be regular viewers...very interesting...the host is abit strange, for example:
He repelled down the sheer rock face of Mont Seigur in Southern France , site of the last strong hold of
"The Cathars" , a religious group branded as heritics, who were thought to have and guarded and hid treasures(ie The Grail). He was seeing if the legend of how four Cathars escaped from Mont Seigur the night before the Inquistion burned the remaining 200 souls at the stake, could have possibly been done....He proved that it was hard but could be done, I found this show to be very interesting and the historical facts in it were also quite accurate...I will definitely be watching again.....

The Holy Grail.Aired on Tuesday, February 14 at 2:00am ET
For all its fame, the Holy Grail remains shrouded in mystery.
What exactly was it? Could it have survived to this day?
Why has it inspired so many treasure seekers?
To Christians, it is the holiest of objects, the cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper, also believed to be the chalice that Joseph of Arimathea used to catch Christ's blood as he died on the cross.
Though now thought of as a goblet, the actual word "grail" comes to us from the Latin word gradalis--a flat dish or shallow vessel brought to the table during various courses of a meal.
The story itself did not originate until medieval times, when it helped inflame the Crusaders' quest.

Host and adventurer Josh Bernstein follows the Grail's trail from Holy Land to medieval French castles to a dark chapter in the Nazi saga, when Hitler financed a search for the Grail to unite a secret society of knights.

On the way, Josh learns its true meaning and power.

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