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Gund Poodletudes, Pink
Meet Poodletudes, a pink poodle with style so divine that any owner would be proud. Poodletudes has a coat that is softer than a cloud, and it looks like she just came back from visiting her beautician, because she is all dolled up. She is sitting on her bottom with her front legs underneath her chest. Her eyes are azure blue, and she has a funky, multi-colored collar around her neck that glitters. From it, a purple heart dangles. On both ears, pink bows are tied to bring out her beautiful eyes. If you know a little lady who is crazy about poodles, then know that this cute pup surely will make her week!
Manufacturer Gund
Manufacturer's Part No. 13098
Size 10"
Category Stuffed Animals
Material Plush
Collection Gotta Getta Gund Girl

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